Thursday, May 31, 2012

Easy Summer Toddler Activity Idea #1

Washin' Dishes

- This is an easy to set up good-for-the-kid sensory activity.  And finally a use for that old baby tub in my garage.  Just a few squirts of baby soap for bubbles, a dish rag, and some dishes from the play kitchen and we were ready to go.  This is a good exploratory activity.  And may keep him or her entertained for a bit.  Especially good for a hot day.  Could also wash cars or babies or whatever.  As you can see, this was a hit with the Ladybug and LuLu dog. 

Monday, May 28, 2012

Weekend Wind Down

Yay!  Long weekends rule.  So this is a wind down of our week and weekend.  I will try to post any different activities we try over the weekend.  Recipes too.  Because I work all week, most of the special activities I do with the bugs is on the weekends.  So cut the chit chat cathy and get to the point.

This weekend -

We made frozen yogurt blueberries.   To find out how go  here.  Found this sight through Pinterest.  It is called - The Caffeinated Chronicles of a Supermom.  (Love that).  So easy and awesome.  Loki who usually will not eat Greek yogurt - no matter how much this momma begs, ate a ton and asked for more.

Mustache you if ya love this?  So we made these awesome mustaches.  Again found on Pinterest.  Came from this awesome blog - Easy Makes Me Happy.  Try it.  All I can say.  Brilliant, cheap, easy, fast.  Who doesn't love that?  Espeically since the Loki's best friend came to visit from out of state and is totally diggin' pretend mustaches. 

Worked hard on the garden.  Radishes are really taking off.

We had a D.E.A.R - Drop Everything And  Read afternoon.  For more information on D.E.A.R go to    Books and popcorn are magic in this house. 

 Ladybug and Loki spent time yelling down to the Mantis through the spaces in the upstairs.  Meanwhile, all the poor man was trying to do was transplant our tomato plants on the patio below.  Ha ha.  This just cracked me up.  Also, Ladybug kept yelling down to him through the spaces - when he was up on the deck next to her. 


We went to our local children's museum.  I had totally forgotten how much fun and discovery waited for the bugs there.  May get a membership! 

That is just a few ways we had a fabulous weekend.  Hope you did too!


Sunday, May 27, 2012

Said Momma Says...................

I will admit shame.  I love The Muppets.  As in foreva' eva' and eva' eva'.  So when the new move, The Muppets, came out I was totally hyped.  I finally got a chance to watch it with Loki and Ladybug.  Great movie!!!  Amy Adams and Jason Segel are fabulous.  But the real stars are the crew - the ever dapper Kermit, the super glam Miss Piggy,  and the extraordinarily talented Animal.  Just to name a few...  A great movie for family movie night - pile on the blankets and the popcorn.  Snuggle in with the kids.  Soooooo.....

So Said Momma Says - Watch The Muppets

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Said Momma Says........

Braids.  Lovin' that braids are in right now.  Big, little, uno, or many.....keep rockin' this look. 

Rachel Bilson does it
Mary-Kate Olson does it

That is me rockin' the look with a DIY flower clip.  Give it a try!!!

Monday, May 14, 2012

Black-n-White Movie Nite

Ladybug, Loki, LuLu and I decided to rock a Black-n-White Movie Nite.  We had soooo much fun! 

Casa Blanca, black-n-white cookies, chocolate covered strawberries, & newspaper flowers

We had to invite LuLu, she's family and black-n-white!

                                                   Awesome cookies!  Classic. 

                                                   LOVE IT!    
                                         The girls - hanging out!