Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Easy Bracelet Gift!

What you need:

(This is called floral wire.  I found it at the Dollar Tree.  I was initially worried it would turn my skin green or something.  That did not happen.  So I made one for someone else and her skin did not turn green either.  So I think it is okay.  I also found some different types of floral wire jewelry through Google.)

What You Do:
 -  Make a loop/circle big enough to slip over your hand and fit your wrist comfortably.  Wrap the end of the wire around the circle.
 -  Keep wrapping the long wire around the circle.  I keep the big end of the wire in the loop it came it and smush it flatish so that I can pull it in and out of my bracelet circle.
-  Keep going.  I start out putting some distance in the                                        wrapping around the bracelet. 

-  Keep going around.  I wrap the wire around the bracelet a second time.  The second time I increase the times I wrap around.  I also fill in the spots from the first time.  There is less space between the wraps.

 -  After the second time around.  I go ahead and just wrap the wire around over the spot where I started.  I then cut the wire leaving a short tail that I can kinda tuck underneath. 
 -  Done!!!  I often make two bracelets from one package of wire.  That makes a .50 bracelet!  Not bad!  Would be a cute gift add-on.  Wire also comes in different colors.  I have made a set of them before as a gift.

-  Sorry about my bad pics.  :(  I know that I really need to get better.  I also am going to put learning HTML as a goal for 2013. 

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