Thursday, December 6, 2012

Hanukkah Candle Candy

This is a super simple activity that is completely adored by my girls.  We have also made these chocolate covered pretzel rods and called them magic wands for several Harry Potter parties.  In the past we have used white chocolate chips or melting candy and blue sprinkles for Israel.  This year we just went with what we had in the cubbard.

What You Need:
-  pretzel rods
-  chocolate chips or melting chocolate
-  sprinkles and/or other toppings (shredded coconut, small candies, chocolate chips, etc)
-  waxed paper or parchment paper
-  cookie sheet

What You Do:
-  Place waxed paper or parchment paper onto a cookie sheet
-  Dump the whole bag of chocolate chips into a small to medium pot
-  Heat on low to medium low.  Stir often.  Be careful not to let it burn. 
-  After chocolate has melted, dip a pretzel rod into the chocolate.  Use a spoon to place melted chocolate up higher on pretzel. 
-  Place pretzel on cookie sheet
-  Let kids go crazy putting sprinkles or other toppings on pretzels
-  Place in tray in fridgerator for a short amount of time until the chocolate has set
-  Done!

Take Care!


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