Monday, October 29, 2012

This Weekend

Our goal numero uno was getting everyone back on their feet.  Ladybug was sick with asthma.  But she mended and we were finally able to go on an outing to the library and the playground on Sunday.

So what did we do, stuck at home as we were?

We tried a pin for slime/flubber.  We started dissolving an egg in vinegar and read some interesting info on that chemical reaction as well as osmosis and such.  We made treats for the birds too.  Finally we finished Sunday with a big bowl of homemade chicken noodle soup, the slacker version.  All full descriptions and pics to come later on this week.

We also made play dough from strawberry jello.  This was totally brillant.  The color is pretty.  The smell is wonderful, not that weird salt or chemical smell.  It was very soft and pliable.  I even mixed in some glitter because what else goes with pink?  You can find it here:

Ok, and here is today's Selkie pic.  She was feeling a bit arty today.  A little film noir, if you will. 


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