Monday, November 26, 2012

Green Friday

So we rocked Green Friday.  We just did a few homemade projects and watched part of a movie on sustainability.  We wore our pj's all day.  We stayed inside where it was was warm.  Green Friday is our kick-off to the holiday season. 

I will be including more information about the projects we completed.  And better pictures but here is some information if you want to get started.

The gold crown is a salt dough ornament.  Please see the tutorial here from Delighted Momma.  The Ladybug must have made a dozen of these ornaments.  I also made a keepsake of her hand (I will show the picture later).  This was a really easy project that kept the Ladybug entertained for a long time.  I think the ornaments will look great attached to presents and on trees!

The cardboard ornaments on the side are from a book.  I will get that information to you soon.

Another thing I wanted to do is spend time on Friday talking to Loki about reusing what we have and our impact on the environment.  I am going to put a disclaimer up later - but I am not the most green person ever.  I drive a small SUV (but I am getting a more fuel efficient or hybrid car next time).  Ladybug uses disposable diapers.  I didn't go to any Black Friday sales, but I really did not need to go.  The girls did not need more movies.  We do not need a new game system.  My computer is going to quit eventually, but I decided to wait.  We have the luxury to have a Green Friday and reflect on sustainability, etc.  I just want to raise children that are aware and good citizens of the world. 

To promote our learning we attempted to watch No Impact Man.

This is a really interesting movie.  You get to see how a family cuts out just about all consumer goods including toilet paper and energy.  They actually cut off the power to their apartment!  However, the parents use language that if Loki repeated, she would be grounded forever.  And ever!  So we shut this one off pretty fast. 

However, Loki and I did watch this movie recently which she seemed to relate to better.  This was a very positive movie about two people who have a contest to see who can throw out the least amount of garbage in a year and not purchase anything.  (There are some pictures of dead birds that Loki said were "disturbing.")



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