Friday, November 30, 2012

Letter Necklace

This is a project that was inspired by the Ladybug.  So she is obsessed by doggies and puppies.  Has more stuffed animal doggies than real doggies at our local animal shelter.  And that of the next two counties over.  IT IS EPIC.  Right now she also really likes learning about letters.  She really likes these letter tiles and has been pulling out all the D's.  D for doggie and for her name, Diva.  She has actually been going to sleep with a little D tile in her little fist.  Wow - right?  So she was misplacing all the little D's and I was in fear of the day we could not find a D.  So necessity prompted this project.  I think this would also make a great stocking stuffer!

What You Need:
-  a letter tile (ours came from an old spelling game)
-  a round bail plate (the little silver disky thing)
-  glue gun
-  some type of cord (or whatever you want to hang it on)

What I Did:
-  I measured against Ladybug how long I needed the cord to be.  I then cut it to that length.
-  I just used the hot glue to stick the tile to the bail plate. 
- Then I threaded the cord through the loop on top of the bail plate.
-  Finally I tied a knot on top.  I put a bit of the hot glue in the knot for extra strength.
-  DONE!!!

SAFETY -  This is obviously a possible choking hazard.  So if you child puts things in his/her mouth a lot, this may not be a good idea.  Also you may want to be careful about the cord.  I asked daycare to take the necklace off before she went outside or took her nap.

Just 2 More Thoughts:
- This is my first attempt at blogging.  I need to learn more.  My goal for this comming year is to learn HTML.  So please, pardon my lack of style and such.
-  I planned on blogging more this week but the week has gotten away from me.  But please tune back Saturday and Sunday for some holiday gift ideas and a fun kid idea.


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