Tuesday, November 6, 2012


I just wanted to wish everyone a happy election day! My little family worked hard on the campaign but not nearly as much as others. I am especially proud of my mom who works hard on every campaign.  It was a really good experience for us to learn about the process but also meet different types of people that live in our neighborhood. I feel really positive that now we can move forward with hard work to make change for ourselves and our community.

So we had to do a little something for today.

So we had some election outfits:


We also had some election treats.  Anna decorated some pumpkin muffins.

Anna followed along with the poll results on this map:

And here is a Selkie picture.  Not sure what her thoughts are about the campaign.  I hope to have a meaningful conversation with her on Sunday.  I am also sending out a prayer for K and N to come home safely.


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