Sunday, November 11, 2012

Said Momma Saturday

It was just me and the Ladybug today.  So these are the things that we did: 

We did some jelly bean sorting.  She really liked this and kept asking for more beans.  When I told her were going to do a project with jelly beans, she asked "Beans made out of jelly?"  We eat a lot of kidney, black, and garbanzo beans around here.  I found this and other ideas for small motor and cognitive development activities from Hands On: As We Grow.

We also tried to make a bracelet out of jelly beans.  (I found an old package from the spring in the pantry).  I had difficulty getting the needle through the beans.  So I had Ladybug hand me beans and tell me the name of the colors.  I found this idea over here at A Thrify Mom.

We also made these bird treats.  Loki had made them a few weeks ago so Ladybug and I thought we should give it a try.  Was a very easy project.  It involved a lot of spooning the seed mixture into the cookie cutter, which is a good 2 yro activity.  I think we might make these as Christmas gifts.  I am going to put one out to see if the birds fancy it.  I found this activity over at eighteen 25.
We also took a walk to the playground.  Ladybug seemed to enjoy the swings which she has not wanted to really try in the past.  It was a great, busy day.  Picking up the Loki from Bubbe's house today.  May catch a movie with the girls. 
Finally, here is Selkie!

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